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I'm installing on a Mac and it gives the error, "no mountable file systems."
This doesn't come up very often, but you should try the following: - In m... more
I run G-Wizard Editor and the window doesn't paint properly. It's all white, or mostly white with a black square.
Note: There is a bug in Adobe AIR 24 (currently the latest version) that can cau... more
What are the System Requirements for G-Wizard?
The G-Wizard products run on Windows and Machintosh systems as Adobe AIR applica... more
Can't Get It to Install on a Mac
Normally, uninstalling both G-Wizard and Adobe AIR by moving them to the trash w... more
How do I get Updates for G-Wizard Software? Why doesn’t my software upgrade itself or tell me when an upgrade is ready?
First, the software will tell you when an upgrade is ready, but it won’t automat... more
Extracting a Log File from the G-Wizard Application
Adobe tells how on this page. For Windows, it works like this: - Choose Sta... more
I want to run the prior version of G-Wizard, I'm having problems with the newest
We always keep a prior version available for you so you can fall back if somethi... more
I get the message, "Another application is already being installed."
Try the cure suggested in this Adobe thread: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/864... more
Make sure you've logged in as Administrator and you have UAC disabled
Another thing to note: during all this installing you need to be logged on with ... more
When all else fails, how do I get G-Wizard to run?
When all else fails, there are a couple of things to try. First, you need to un... more
Is My Firewall Preventing G-Wizard From Running?
Maybe so. A good sign of this is G-Wizard asking to connect to the Internet when... more
I Need to Install a New Adobe AIR But I Can't Uninstall the Older Version
This annoying problem has come up a couple of times. Here's are the things that ... more
I get a message, "the installer file is damaged"
This is telling you that the install program that runs in your browser has hit s... more
I get a message, "AIR proxy swf won't load"
This is telling you that either your Flash player or AIR are not the latest vers... more
Why does G-Wizard tell me I am unauthorized when I logoff?
G-Wiz doesn't mean anything by it. When you logoff, it simply means G-Wiz has qu... more
How do I uninstall G-Wizard?
You can either use the Control Panel in Windows to Add/Remove Software, or you c... more
I Purchased G-Wizard, but you didn't send me a license key. How do I activate my purchase?
There is no purchase activation required and no license key is needed. G-Wizard ... more
It says there is another G-Wizard install already in progress!
Sometimes AIR gets confused. You'll have to bring up the Windows Control Panel a... more
I can't install because the installer says I have already installed!
Take a careful look at the message. If it says, "The same version of the applica... more
I can't install because I can't even see the Install button!
This can be an issue with popup blockers, security software, or bad version/inst... more
The Installer keeps saying, "No Internet Connection."
Try a different browser. This has usually been reported for IE users. Chrome is ... more
The Installer gives Error 5100
This is Adobe AIR's "catch all" error message. It can be caused by a variety of ... more
The Installer complains about Error #0
Microsoft suggests this solution (https://forums.adobe.com/thread/899180): ... more
Problems uninstalling AIR or prior versions?
See this Microsoft article (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-p... more
I use Google Chrome and it keeps trying to install AIR but never succeeds in installing G-Wizard
There seems to be a problem with the Adobe AIR installer and the most recent Chr... more
I always get a message about installing a "Helper Tool" and it asks for my password whenever I run on my Mac
This is Apple making it harder and harder to run apps that didn't come from the ... more
My Mac won't install the software because, "it is from an unidentified developer."
Man, Apple makes it tough on developers. This message is all about trying to for... more
My Antivirus Software is Blocking Access or Says CNCCookbook or G-Wizard is Risky
Microsoft (see above about SmartScreen) are not the only ones that assume small ... more
Windows SmartScreen Won't Let Me Install or Says Your Software is "Risky"
Microsoft is not doing either of us any favors with this one, I'm sorry to say. ... more
Internet Explorer Says, "The signature of this program is corrupt or invalid" when I download your software
This is not an issue with our software. It's a problem that is well documented o... more
Where is the Download / Installation Page so I can reinstall my software or get the latest update?
G-Wizard Calculator Install Page (http://s3.cnccookbook.com/GWizard/GWizardInsta... more
It says, "The Installer has been misconfigured", what now?
If you see this message: It means you first have to uninstall the application... more
The Installer complains about a problem with the Certificate

Periodically, we upgrade the digital certificate in the software that certifies where it came from. The certificate enhances the security of the software from hacking, so it's important for us to keep it up to date. When we change it, you'll receive a certificate warning. When that happens you need to manually uninstall the prior version before install will work.

Uninstall using the Windows Control Panel or on Macs, move the old version to the trash (you'll find it in the Applications folder). Once that's done, re-run the install and it should be fine.

On Macs, sometimes dragging to the trash doesn't quite get all the vestiges removed. You may need to track down a copy of AppDelete to get the rest if you're still having problems.


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