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How do I get Updates for G-Wizard Software? Why doesn’t my software upgrade itself or tell me when an upgrade is ready?

First, the software will tell you when an upgrade is ready, but it won’t automatically upgrade you because we want you to be in control of upgrades as much as possible.  In September, 2014, we changed our upgrade process to work like this:

You may see the “Install” button from time to time, but there is some decidedly new behavior that goes along with the New Upgrade Process.

First, as soon as the software sees a new upgrade is available, it will start downloading the file to your machine.  It won’t interrupt your work in anyway to do this, it will just get the file down onto your machine so you don’t have to worry about finding the download page or waiting for a download.  If it can’t do it for some reason, you will still see the Install button.  If you press it, not only will it attempt to run the browser, but it will also give you the link to the page.  That way, if you have a pop-up blocker that prevents the browser appearing, you can still cut and paste that link and not have to go searching.

Most of the time, the update will just quietly get downloaded and you can ignore the Install button.

So when does that downloaded file get installed?  Here’s the next nifty thing.  When you Exit the G-Wizard software, it will automatically start the installer if there is a version downloaded and ready to go.  You can either cancel it or tell it to go right ahead.  Either way, you’re done working in G-Wizard and you can let the install go without having to wait on it.  This minimizes the potential for distraction–just Exit, Click “OK” to install, and walk away.  When you get back, the new version should be all installed and ready to go.

We’ll continue to keep our pace of updating down to a dull roar on our more mature products so you can assimilate updates as and when you need them, but this new Upgrade Process should also minimize the potential for distraction from the upgrades.  We hope you like it better!



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