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My Antivirus Software is Blocking Access or Says CNCCookbook or G-Wizard is Risky

Microsoft (see above about SmartScreen) are not the only ones that assume small business sites are guilty without really checking before they cry "Wolf." We check our site constantly as well as checking any file we upload. Everything we run is hosted on Amazon Web Services and they also have a variety of security preventative measures in place. Rather than just ignore what your software is telling you, you can get a second opinion. BrightCloud will let you check and individual site for free:


Use BrightCloud to check a site for malware and phishing attacks

They offer one of the top-rated antivirus products, Webroot, and they're part of a network of companies fighting malware, so they get alerts from their partners if any web site starts acting badly. So feel free to check www.cnccookbook.com for problems. It's fast, it's free, and it brings peace of mind.



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